The Mysterious Archaeological Sites of Southern Colombia

Isnos is around 25Km from San Agustín, and on the other side of the river valley. The final part of the road is a bit rough, but reaching Alto de los Ídolos (the hill of the idols) is worth it. This puts the stone carved figures into a very real context as you can see about 10 excavated burial mounds. The tallest stone sculpture is also found at this site.

Nobody seems to know what happened to this culture: in the 8th century it disappeared without a trace, leaving half-carved statues behind.

Alto de los Ídolos is a second site of the San Agustín Archaeological Park. This is purported to be the tallest sculpture found so far. How tall do you think it is?

Alto de los Ídolos: originally these stone sculptures were painted. This is one of the few where you can see the remnants of the decoration.

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