After an argument, Chris Niccolls gets stranded in the woods. While it’s obvious from the video that Niccolls isn’t actually lost, it’s a very plausible situation. Getting lost in the wilderness is nothing to take lightly, and Niccolls shows how you can help increase your chances of surviving using only the items brought for a photo shoot:

While camera equipment is used to capture a wide variety of images, very rarely do we think of the equipment as survival tools. Equipped with only cables, a DSLR, gaffers tape, lenses, point and shoot cameras, sensor cleaning accessories, and a tripod, Niccolls starts by showing how you can create a cutting tool. By smashing a UV filter with a large stick, Chris uses one of the triangular pieces of the smashed glass to create a makeshift knife.

chris, niccolls, UV, lens, stick, survival, skillsChris uses a large stick to break the UV lens.

To try to catch some fish for food, Niccolls uses various camera parts he found from taking apart his camera. The lure was created from the dead cat from around his shotgun mic and his tripod helps to create a makeshift fishing pole. Although it is a tiny one, it will get the job done.

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