Get good quality sleep on even the hottest summer nights

We all need it: sleep. And apparently because of the way we live, we’re generally getting less sleep than we need, which is having an effect on our health and our performance at work.

Adults are advised to have at least 7 hours a night and teenagers need 9 hours (although many of them will sleep through to the afternoon of course!). The first third of your sleep is the most restorative, so you need to try to make sure those first few hours are as undisturbed as possible.

1. Watch something you love

If you like to watch the television before bed, watch something you love and know well. Your brain won’t be stimulated and it won’t cause anxiety. Watching the next episode of a box set you’re addicted to isn’t ideal as your brain will be stimulated, scared, excited… not conducive to good sleep!

2. Get your bedroom ready

There a number of ways to keep your room cool during summer. Firstly, keep curtains closed throughout the day. This will stop the heat building up inside your room. And in the hour before bed, open the windows around the house to allow a draft to blow through. If you’re using a fan in your room, try putting a bowl or container of ice in front of it – the air passing over it will be cooled. And use cotton sheets: they’re good at absorbing moisture, so your skin doesn’t stay sweaty.

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