Four decades of Wolverine stories. Four decades of being one of the most popular comic book characters on the planet. Four decades of amazing comics and more than a few lousy comics. And, of course, four decades of trivia.

It’s time to look back over the legacy of the most recognizable and popular X-Man of them all. You can’t be the main subject in five major movies and hundreds (thousands?) of comics and not generate an absurd amount of fascinating information (and there’s no way anyone can know everything about this character.) So, without further ado, you can watch the video about for 12 facts you may not know about Wolverine, or read 10 things below.

Russell Crowe Turned Down the Role in ‘X-Men’

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine for so long and has become so intrinsically tied to the part that it’s tough to imagine anyone else popping the Adamantium claws. But he wasn’t the first choice. Heck, he wasn’t even the second.

‘X-Men’ director Bryan Singer first offered the part to Russell Crowe, who turned in down flat. He then went on to cast Dougray Scott in the role. Three weeks into filming, Scott was forced to jump ship due to scheduling conflicts and Singer cast Jackman at the literal last minute, taking a big chance on the mostly unknown Aussie actor. Fate just has a way of making things work, huh?

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