16 Simple DIY Aquaponic Systems for Beginners

Having your very own aquaponic system is quite a big deal. It is an achievement that you can really be proud of, and it is also a great way to spend your free time and grow some healthy vegetables.

There are so many different ways to build an aquaponic system and so many different sizes and layout designs. If you are planning to build one by yourself, then you might need some help. best DIY for home plants, DIY best diy

Below, I have collected a list of interesting and inspiring aquaponic systems from across the web. By going through them, it’s my hope that you will be inspired to build something good too.

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1. $40 DIY Small Aquaponics System Tutorial

$40 DIY Small Aquaponics System Tutorial

Delivered in 7 steps, this guide leads you through the stages necessary to create a small aquaponics system by yourself. Jeffrey built this as an experiment.

It begins with a materials and tools list, which he both listed and also displays in a photo. The grow bed is built from a 15-gallon plastic bin, while many pipe sizes were used, including 2-inch and 0.5-inch PVC pipes.

This system uses a 100 – 130 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) submersible pump. Step 3 deals with its installation, while step 4 is the test phase. From all these tests, Jeffrey learned a lot of lessons, and he also lists them at the end of the guide.

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