17 stunning and unusual ski destinations around the world

Ski seasons in Europe last from October to May, but if you’re willing to travel further afield, it is possible to hit the slopes year-round, especially if you’re willing to go off-piste.From backcountry adventures in Afghanistan to skiing at midnight in Sweden, there are under-the-radar resorts located all over the world.

We’ve listed some of the most unexpected and unusual skiing destinations around the world. It’s even possible to go skiing in Scotland if your budget doesn’t stretch to flying abroad.

From Aviemore to Antarctica, here are 17 places you probably didn’t know you could ski, ranked from shortest to longest journey from London:

17. Aviemore, Scotland

17. Aviemore, Scotland

Aviemore may not be as popular as the Alps with British tourists, but improved snow conditions in Scotland mean that it is ideal for anyone looking to spend less on travelling to their ski resort.  Snow is guaranteed from January to April.

Nearest Airport: Inverness

Route: A one hour, 50-minute flight from London to Inverness, plus a 45-minute train journey from Inverness to Aviemore. You can also take a train direct to Aviemore station from King’s Cross, which will take around seven hours, 30 minutes.

Total travel time: Two hours, 35 minutes (excluding transfers).

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