15 Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Superheroes

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…some pretty cool facts about the fictional crime fighters who have been entertaining audiences for decades. Ka-pow!

The curious case of kryptonite

the logo of the superhero comic figure "Superman".You don’t have to know that much about Superman to know that kryptonite is his weakness. What’s interesting is the way in which the evil stuff was first introduced. While it appeared in the Superman comics as early as 1949, kryptonite first became a thing when the voice actor who played the superhero in the radio show The Adventures of Superman needed a vacation. According to Nerdist, it was in 1943 that the show debuted kryptonite, a deadly mineral, using a stand-in who simply had to moan in pain until the original actor returned from his trip.

Name that superhero

BatmanBelieve it or not, Batman’s real name, Bruce Wayne, has historical roots. He was named for Scottish national hero Robert the Bruce and Mad Anthony Wayne, a hero of the American Revolution, according to IGN. And if you’re wondering how the Caped Crusader navigates social media, his screen name, used in the comics, is JonDoe297.

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